Cork board Ideas for Home and Office

A cork  board is a great item to have at home and in the office.  It allows you to post notes and reminders quickly and easily, and can also create a focal point in any room.  A good cork board can keep you organized as you have those notes in front of you at all times, and can be used to hang itemsthat might otherwise get lost in drawers and bins.  Because they’re so large and will be out in the open, it’s good to consider some creative cork board ideas if you have one at home or in the office.  This will make them look great and will ensure you are using them to their fullest potential! Cork boards in the office need to stay neat and tidy so they’re not unsightly and this will also help to maximize their efficiency.  You can use string or colorful tape to create sections on your cork board in a way that keeps you organized, such as dividing it up into five sections for each workday, or dividing it up by project.

 Pin a strip of paper to the top of each section to denote its use and use big lettering so you can easily reference these sections. Other cork board ideas for the office include dividing it up by order of priority; you might have one section marked “urgent,” one marked “within the week,” and one marked “future” to keep your tasks organized.  Near the front desk in the office you might also have it divided according to person so they can easily grab notes, call slips, memos, and things such as these.  If your office has fleet vehicles, create sections for each vehicle so you can keep the keys organized and perhaps pin notes as to mileage, how long it will be out, and so on. Your cork board ideas for the home can work the same if you use one to keep the family organized.  You might keep one in the kitchen so you can pin notes, grocery lists, and call slips.  Use sturdy pins at the top and everyone can hang up their keys to keep them organized.


  You might also use cork boards to organize your bills or keep handy papers you need, such as a party invitation or a permission slip your child needs for school.  By keeping them out and pinned to a board, they won’t get lost in a drawer. A cork board is also a good tool to use in your craft area or even in the garage or basement.  If you create scrapbooks, invest in a large cork board and slide in some pins, then take small binder clips and clip these to unfinished scrapbook pages.  Hang the binder clip to the pin and you keep the page up and off your desk!  You can do the same to any of your pages so you can get a fresh perspective as you work to create a new book.  Do the same for photographs if you’re creating an album; hanging them up allows you to see the best order to put them in the album and you can more readily move them around before you decide on a final look. In the garage or tool area, use plastic see-through cups and pin the back of these to the board, then store screws, nails, and other small items in these.  This gets them off the tool bench and keeps them accessible.  Other cork board ideas include using it to hold pictures or instructions of projects you’re working on, and keys to the lawnmower, ATV, jet skis, and other vehicles you have.  Again, this keeps those keys organized and ready to use. A good board can keep your children organized in their room, and there is no end to the creative cork board ideas you might use for a child’s room.  For girls, you might try sturdy clips or tacks and hang their jewelry on the cork board.  They can hang their earrings and bracelets from tacks or clips on the top of their board and necklaces from hooks you insert into the bottom of the board.  Hang the cork board near their dresser and this frees up the space and keeps the pieces organized. Your child might also want to keep the cork board as a focal point in their room, for decoration.  Purchase some fun tacks they can use to hang pictures or school projects or mementos such as concert tickets or movie ticket stubs.  If they dream of traveling, they can collect pictures of their favorite places and hang those up for inspiration. To keep a cork board looking good, don’t overlook cork board ideas for decorating its surface.  You can take a thin piece of material and stretch it over a cork board that doesn’t have a frame and staple it in the back.  Pull wide ribbon across the front several times so that it crisscrosses.  You might also add the ribbon without the fabric for a simpler look.  You can also take scrapbook paper and cut it to various sizes and then use spray adhesive on the back to attach it to the cork board.  This can help you to create sections for keeping it organized or can just create more visual interest. You might also consider some cork board ideas for decorating a space; invest in cork boards of different sizes and cover them with various fabrics, then hang them on the wall like a grouping of pictures.  Each cork board can work for every member of the family or you can tack pictures to each one to create a collage effect.  Frame a cork board with an attractive, oversized frame for more visual interest and depth, and to make them look more stately.  You can even spray-paint cork boards various colors so they stand out.  Try a shabby chic look as your board will have several pin holes in the paint before long.  These are just some cork board ideas that will help you to use them at home and in the office.

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